New Report Highlights PJM’s Impact Including Environmental, Social, Governance Initiatives


PJM has published a new report highlighting its community impact and social responsibility efforts.

In 2020, PJM adapted its traditional Corporate Social Responsibility Report to one that focuses on environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts. ESG refers to the criteria used to assess the sustainability and societal impact of an organization.

The 2020 Impact Report: Powering a Culture of Caring and an Inclusive Future for All (PDF) enables PJM to showcase the value it provides to employees, stakeholders and the 65 million people in the communities PJM serves. The 2020 Impact Report includes some of the elements previously captured in the CSR reports, but with a broader scope and additional focus areas.

“PJM’s success depends on our commitment to our Core Values, our commitment to teamwork and our culture of caring, respect and communication. We will continue to be guided by these principles,” said Manu Asthana, President and CEO.

The focus areas of the 2020 Impact Report are broken out into an ESG format as follows:

  • Environmental: how PJM performs as a steward of nature (e.g., energy use, recycling, waste management, and emission reductions)
  • Social: how PJM demonstrates its culture of caring through a number of channels (e.g., community outreach, employee giving campaigns, corporate donations, health awareness and education efforts)
  • Governance: how PJM demonstrates a commitment to ethical business practices and creating an inclusive workplace for all employees (e.g., culture of compliance, Core Values, supplier diversity, DEI efforts and ERG activities)

“I’m so proud of all the things we do as an organization to demonstrate our culture of caring and a commitment to creating an inclusive environment where everyone is seen, heard and valued,” said Nora Swimm, Senior Vice President – Corporate Client Services. “This report highlights our social responsibility efforts and reflects the values of the diverse communities we serve.”