New Update Makes PJM’s Governing Documents More User-Friendly


This is an updated version of the story which ran on Sept. 26. It was updated after a presentation at the Sept. 27 Markets & Reliability Committee meeting to include quotes from stakeholders.

PJM has improved the user-friendliness of its governing documents on

With the update, users can now read PJM governing documents such as the Operating Agreement and Open Access Transmission Tariff on dynamic, easy-to-navigate web pages. Users can more easily access PJM’s governing documents, see pop-up definitions of certain terms and cross-reference links within each document.

Tawnya Luna, lead user experience strategist, detailed the updates at the MRC. Members had a chance to test the new options after the presentation.

“PJM’s new tool is invaluable to anyone who has to look for specific details in the Tariff, the OA or the RAA,” said David Pratzon, a consultant with GT Power Group who represents several Members. “It is going to save members a lot of time and effort in finding and understanding what they need. I am glad that PJM took this project on and delivered such a useful result.”

The documents were previously only available as downloadable PDF files. The improvements also fix inconsistencies in the agreement/section references and modify existing governing agreement language to conform to standard naming conventions.

The new web-based documents are available for reference purposes only and do not represent the final legally-binding versions of the documents. The binding agreements, tariffs and protocols will continue to be posted on as PDF files.

PJM continues to enhance its website in order to make it easier to do business with PJM. Please share your feedback. Learn more about future updates through the Tech Change Forum.