OC Endorses Winter Weekly Reserve Target, Day-Ahead Scheduling Reserve Requirement


On Nov. 6 the Operating Committee unanimously endorsed the upcoming Winter Weekly Reserve Target (WWRT) and the 2019 Day-Ahead Scheduling Reserve Requirement.

In both cases, the percentages haven’t changed much.

The PJM Operations Department uses the WWRT to coordinate the level of generator outages scheduled during the winter. The WWRT helps ensure that the loss of load expectation (LOLE) associated with load and forced outages during the winter months is as close to zero as possible.

The reserve target is part of the Reserve Requirement Study, which also calculates the Installed Reserve Margin and Forecast Pool Requirement. The results of the 2018 Reserve Requirement Study were approved by the Members Committee on Oct. 25. (See Market Seller Offer Cap Balancing Ratio Fails, Reg Market Fix OK’d.)

The endorsed maximum percentages of available reserves compared with last year were:

  • December: 22 percent (compared with 23 percent last year)
  • January: 28 percent (27 percent in 2017)
  • February: 24 percent (25 percent in 2017)

The committee also endorsed, by acclamation, the 2019 Day-Ahead Scheduling Reserve Requirement. The proposed requirement for 2019 is 5.29 percent, compared with 5.28 percent in 2018.

That percentage was the result of a small increase in load forecast error and a slight decrease in the forced outage rate component of the calculation, said Tom Hauske, senior lead engineer – Operation Analysis and Compliance.

If the item is endorsed by the Markets & Reliability Committee, it will become effective in January.

The Operating Committee also endorsed the following manual changes:

  • Manual 3: Transmission Operations
  • Manual 10: Pre-Scheduling Operations
  • Manual 14D: Generator Operational Requirements (eight abstentions). The committee also heard a first read on a separate change to Manual 14D regarding the resource tracker.

The committee also heard reviews of operational events and operating metrics as well as an update on unit specific parameters.

Subcommittee and Task Force Updates

Tool and Informational Updates