OC: Hot weather alerts predicted, manual changes discussed


Chris Pilong, director – Dispatch, told the Operating Committee May 1 that hot weather alerts would be issued this week.

“We’re going from 40- to 90-degree weather,” he said, a day before PJM issued hot weather alerts for May 3–4 for its Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions.

“It poses different issues than if it happened in July,” Pilong explained. “Most transmission and generation outages can’t be restored easily and quickly.”

May is usually a “shoulder month” between cool and hot weather, he said, a time for transmission/generation owners to schedule maintenance.

Adequate resources and reserves are available, however, and no supply problems are expected.

The peak demand for May 3 is expected to hit 110,000 megawatts. Friday’s load is forecast to be 108,300 MW. (For perspective, peak summer demand is expected to exceed 150,000 MW.)

The committee also discussed proposed changes to Manual 11: Energy and Ancillary Services Market Operations, which were presented as a first reading.

The new language involves the synchronized reserve maximum for Tier 1 resources, defining it as “equal to the lesser of the economic maximum or synchronized reserve maximum for the resource.”

While the subject of synchronized reserves is being studied by the Energy Price Formation Senior Task force and more changes may be forthcoming, PJM wants to ensure it is getting as accurate estimates as possible of the reserves it needs in the interim.

The Operating Committee was tasked with developing the reliability requirements for a 30-minute real-time reserve product as part of the Energy Price Formation Senior Task Force initiative. Vince Stefanowicz, senior lead engineer, discussed the basis and proposed calculation of the real-time 30-minute reserve product. The OC will be asked to endorse the real-time 30-minute reserve requirement at its June meeting.

Other Committee Business


  • Proposed changes to Manual 03: Transmission Operations
  • Proposed changes to Manual 14D: Generator Operational Requirements
  • Proposed changes to Manual 36: System Restoration
  • Proposed changes to the TO-TOP Matrix

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