OC reviews May 29 load shed event, OKs manual changes to Tier 1 resources


No bonuses or non-performance charges will result from the May 29 load shed event in the AEP Transmission Zone that invoked a capacity performance assessment interval (PAI), Chris Pilong, director – Dispatch, told the Operating Committee at its June 5 meeting.

The load shed was ordered at 1:22 p.m. after the Twin Branch-Jackson Road 138 kV line and the Jackson Road 345/138 kV transformer 3 in west of South Bend, Indiana, tripped out of service, resulting in multiple contingency overloads and the potential for cascading outages.

The cause of the equipment malfunction is being investigated.

The load shed of approximately 21 megawatts was canceled at 1:46 p.m., and all load was restored by 1:55 p.m.

The performance assessment interval was the first to occur since the implementation of the capacity performance product.

Alpa Jani, senior consultant – Dispatch, also presented an update on the implementation of a project to communicate PAI triggers over ICCP (Inter-control Center Communication Protocol). This communication is secondary and in addition to the emergency procedures tool.

Joe Ciabattoni, manager – Applied Innovation, reported that the RTO’s load forecast performance for May was 2.38 percent, within the goal of 3 percent.

The month saw one outlier day, on May 7, when temperatures were colder than forecast, resulting in an error of about 5 percent and a load differential of about 4,000 MW, he said.

The system still continues to track above last year’s performance in perfect dispatch.

The committee also unanimously endorsed changes to Manual 11: Energy and Ancillary Services Market Operations.

The changes set the synchronized reserve maximum for Tier 1 resources as the lesser of the economic maximum or the synchronized reserve maximum for the resource.

The change is being made in an effort to improve the accuracy of Tier 1 resource estimates.

The committee also heard the first readings of:

  • The Fuel Assurance for Restoration problem statement and issue charge
  • Proposed changes to Manual 01: Control Center and Data Exchange Requirements
  • Proposed changes to Manual 3A: Energy Management System Model Updates and Quality Assurance

Subcommittee/Task Force Updates

Tool and Informational Updates