Operating Committee reviews Perfect Dispatch performance


Perfect Dispatch has gotten off to a good start this year and is tracking above last year’s performance, Joe Ciabattoni, manager – Markets Coordination, told the Operating Committee meeting Tuesday.

Year-to-date through February, the Perfect Dispatch score is 86.68 percent, translating to an estimated savings of $1 million so far in 2018.

The committee also endorsed changes to three manuals, which now will head to the March 22 Markets and Reliability Committee meeting: Manual 01 Revision 37 (effective date March 31), Manual 03A Revision 14 (effective April 1) and Manual 37 Revision 15.

Invitations to the 2018 Spring System Restoration Drill, planned for May 15–16, will go out March 19. This year, invitations will be emailed instead of sent through the Learning Management System.

Alpa Jani, with Systems Operations, reviewed the unit-specific parameter adjustment process for delivery year 2018/19.

The team is reviewing requests, which were due Feb. 28, and will be providing final determinations as soon as they are available, with all responses to be sent by April 15. All approved adjustments will be effective June 1.

New fields for the concept of soak time are expected to be included in Markets Gateway by June, but, for now, they are only for reference. Soak time fields will be added as a unit-specific parameter in Delivery Year 2019/20 and integrated with tools and logic.

Dean Manno, engineer with PJM Transmission Operations, laid out the next steps for PJM’s Resilience Roadmap.

System resilience efforts will continue to focus on identifying extreme events – not just weather-related – that could pose threats to operations and planning. They will include review of reserves/regulation requirements, transmission loading, defining triggers to operationalize contingencies and transition of operational changes that impact reserve and energy market prices. The PJM System Operations Subcommittee will champion the effort and report back at a future Operating Committee meeting.

Subcommittee/Task Force Updates

Tool and Informational Updates