Ott Talks Value of Wholesale Markets on Columbia Energy Exchange Podcast


PJM President and CEO Andy Ott joined host Bill Loveless on the latest episode of Columbia University’s Columbia Energy Exchange podcast to talk about the importance of wholesale electricity markets and PJM’s fuel security and grid resilience initiatives.

During the discussion, Ott highlighted how the intense competition of wholesale electricity markets have spurred investment in new and alternative technologies and driven down the price of electricity for customers.

“Twenty years ago, PJM was one of the highest-cost regions in the country,” Ott said. “Now we’re below average.”

Ott and Loveless also discussed PJM’s recent fuel security study, which found that the grid is reliable today and into the future.

“Today we’re more diverse from a fuel perspective than we’ve ever been,” he said.

Ott noted how the fuel security report fits within PJM’s resilience initiative, which encompasses concepts beyond traditional reliability standards. The concept of resilience for grid operators means preparing for potential significant, long-lasting disruptions to the system and being able to operate through and recover from such events.

Ott also talked about how PJM is evolving to accommodate public policy initiatives, noting how customers and states alike are valuing greener technologies and reducing carbon footprints.

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