OVEC Successfully Integrates Transmission System into PJM


The Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC) successfully integrated its transmission system into PJM at midnight Dec. 1.

“We’re glad to welcome OVEC into PJM,” said Mike Bryson, vice president – Operations. “Thank you to the PJM and OVEC staff who worked throughout the year to make its integration successful.”

OVEC’s system includes 705 miles of 345-kilovolt transmission lines and two generating facilities that produce 2,200 megawatts of capacity. It was integrated as a separate transmission zone within PJM.

PJM determined that OVEC met the membership requirements outlined in the PJM Operating Agreement and that its integration would not cause any reliability challenges for PJM.

OVEC was formed in 1952 to meet the needs of the then-Atomic Energy Commission’s uranium enrichment facility near Piketon, Ohio. The Department of Energy assumed responsibility for the facility in 1977 and began decommissioning it in 2011 according to the DOE.

Prior to its integration, OVEC’s generating units already sold power into PJM’s markets via pseudo-ties, which virtually connected its generation into PJM. This meant that 95 percent of the flow of power through OVEC’s system already served PJM.