Philadelphia Media Network Selects Daugherty as ‘Influencer of Finance’ Winner


Suzanne Daugherty, senior vice president, CFO and treasurer, has been selected as a top CFO for the inaugural Influencer of Finance Awards presented by the Philadelphia Media Network, the publisher of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and

Daugherty is being honored for her accomplishments as the first female chief financial officer, and longest running CFO, at PJM. She joined the company in 1998 and has been integral to shaping the finance division.

The Influencer of Finance Awards honor seasoned financial professionals who shape, change and transform the industry through acquisitions, mergers and overall impact on the economy. Nominees are evaluated not only on their business success and acumen, but also on their ability to connect, change and influence the industry as a whole.

“I am pleased to congratulate Suzanne on this award,” said President and CEO Andy Ott. “From the time she joined PJM, she has exemplified leadership and dedication to advancing PJM’s finance division.”

The award was announced in the Sunday, March 25, edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer; a profile on Daugherty will appear April 22. She will be honored alongside other financial executives at an awards luncheon on April 25.

“I am honored to receive this recognition along with other financial professionals,” Daugherty said. “I am passionate about finance, and grateful to be a part of PJM where I have had the opportunity to drive changes that enhance the way we serve our members.”

When Daugherty first came to PJM, she spent nine months on a project that changed the way PJM recovered its costs. She also led the charge to establish the stated rate plan at PJM, first put in effect in 2006, which allows PJM to charge its members for its services based on fixed, long-term rates. Her problem-solving and analytical skills also extend beyond finance – in 2006, after receiving her MBA from the Wharton School of Business, she was chosen to manage the Advanced Control Center (AC2) project that established a backup control center for PJM to further enhance grid reliability.

Daugherty also serves on the executive board of directors for Pope John Paul II High School and is the chair of the finance committee of the board. In her role on this board, she helps drive strategic planning; engages in fund development in alumni activities; plans for capital expenditures; monitors fundraising projects and goals, as well as acceptance of gifts and donations; and actively supports the Educational Improvement Tax Credit and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit programs. She is passionate about making fees affordable for the students.