PJM Alerts Members of New Phishing Attempt


PJM notified members on Monday, Aug. 28, to be on the alert for a phishing email that falsely appears to be related to PJM.

PJM has received reports of a phishing email being sent to PJM Members with the subject “PJM Members” that falsely appears to come from vihamilton@comcast.net. The following is the body of the email:

On behalf of PJM, it is our desire and intent to enhance this amendment and Restated Context for PJM Market Design Proposals Responding to State Public Policy Initiatives, Please see pdf for information. Invalid Members Committee-OS account info is prohibited. If you are experiencing a problem please get in touch with Vincent Hamilton.

PJM has notified the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center and recommends that members alert their internal IT security teams.

In May, during the Markets and Reliability Committee meeting, PJM warned about phishing emails. Today, PJM is reinforcing that message and alerting members to this new concern.

Members who have received this or any other suspicious email that appears to be from PJM are asked to contact Member Services at custsvc@pjm.com or 610-666-8980.