PJM Announces New PJM Board/Stakeholder Independent Market Monitor Liaison


The PJM Board of Managers today announced the hiring of Jonathan Raab to serve in the position of liaison between the Board and PJM Stakeholders in regard to the Independent Market Monitor (IMM).

In a letter (PDF) to Members, Board Chairman Mark Takahashi wrote:

“It is the PJM Interconnection Board of Managers’ (PJM Board) responsibility to ensure strong monitoring of the PJM markets and, in doing so, to oversee and evaluate the work performed by Monitoring Analytics, PJM’s Independent Market Monitor (IMM). Monitoring Analytics is responsible for guarding against the exercise of market power and assisting in the maintenance of robust, competitive and nondiscriminatory markets in PJM.

In addition, since 2019, the PJM Board has retained an external industry professional to serve as a liaison to stakeholders as part of the process for receiving and evaluating feedback on the performance and function of the IMM. This liaison is available year-round to anonymously receive direct stakeholder feedback, and any feedback received is reported to the Competitive Markets Committee of the PJM Board. Michael Bardee has been serving in this role since January 2019 but is retiring.

To fill this position, Jonathan Raab, Ph.D., of Raab Associates, Ltd., will assume the role of PJM Board/Stakeholder IMM Liaison on Aug. 1. Raab, formerly the assistant director of the Electric Power Division at the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, has been a lead facilitator and mediator for hundreds of energy, climate and environmental stakeholder processes throughout the U.S. and Canada.

He has run stakeholder processes for the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and has done work on stakeholder engagement in Germany (transmission) and Japan (nuclear).

Raab Associates has organized both the New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable for over 25 years, and the Energy Policy Roundtable in the PJM Footprint from 2015– 2020. Raab has also led intensive facilitated/mediated efforts to reform both PJM’s and MISO’s stakeholder processes. His firm specializes in dispute resolution, offering services including facilitation, mediation, negotiation and training. Raab holds a Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is considered a national leader in applying consensus-building processes to energy, environmental and regulatory issues.”

In addition, PJM Senior Counsel Mark Stanisz has been appointed as PJM ombudsman to serve as a point of contact regarding Code of Conduct questions and concerns, replacing James Burlew. The PJM Compliance Line is also available and can be used to report any concerns as described in this Q&A document.

For more information on the roles of PJM’s IMM and the PJM Board/Stakeholder IMM Liaison, please visit the PJM website.