PJM Announces New Series of Capacity Market Workshops

Workshops Meant to Foster Discussion on Potential Enhancement to the Capacity Market


PJM announced today it will hold a series of workshops to discuss and explore enhancements to the PJM capacity market. In a Jan. 29 correspondence to stakeholders, PJM announced the workshop dates and outlined the sessions.

The four workshops will take place in February and March, with the first scheduled Feb. 12. During these sessions, PJM will share its thoughts on the capacity market, gather stakeholder feedback and determine a path forward for possibly advancing market design enhancements.

The stakeholder letter noted that PJM will continue with its auction schedule as approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and will adhere to this schedule unless and until changes are approved by FERC.

The capacity market workshops will follow a similar format to PJM’s recent workshops focused on the generation interconnection process.

As with those workshops, the capacity market workshops are not part of the formal PJM stakeholder process, but are meant to jumpstart discussions around whether or not a formal stakeholder process on changes to the capacity market should be pursued.

The proposed sessions are planned as follows:

Session 1: Framing the Issue (Feb. 12)

PJM will discuss historical elements of the capacity market and provide its perspective on framing the scope of capacity market enhancement to be considered through this process, including guiding principles. PJM will also provide its perspective on how this discussion can progress into an augmented stakeholder process and the timing for completion of that contemplated process.

Session 2: Stakeholder Feedback (March 4)

PJM stakeholders will be invited to discuss how they would frame any capacity market enhancements. Specifically, PJM will seek feedback from the stakeholder community on:

  • What problem are we trying to solve through this effort?
  • Do you agree with PJM that we should be attempting to advance this discussion at this time?
  • What are the principles that possible enhancement should be built upon?

Session 3: Market Design Proposals (March 12)

PJM stakeholders will be invited to discuss specific market design proposals.

Session 4: Next Steps (March 26)

PJM will provide its feedback around the second and third sessions and will facilitate a discussion about next steps.