PJM Annual Report Looks Back on Energy Transition Milestones in 2022


PJM Interconnection’s 2022 Annual Report is now available on PJM.com.

The report’s theme, “Meaningful Momentum,” reflects on continuing, positive progress achieved by PJM and its stakeholders last year. During 2022, PJM remained focused on preserving grid reliability through significant challenges posed by weather, generation shifts and continuing load growth. PJM continues to reliably and cost-effectively collaborate with stakeholders to achieve the durable solutions required to meet the needs of our evolving grid.

Among noteworthy progress last year, the report reflects on interconnection queue reform, New Jersey’s selection of proposals to build some 7,500 MW of future offshore wind, PJM’s work toward long-term planning reform and the compliance filing for Order 2222 with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

While the challenges of our continuing energy transition remain complex, the body of work last year includes the filing resulting from the Quadrennial Review process, reduction of risk in the FTR Market through implementation of historical simulation for initial margin and the collaborative work of the Resource Adequacy Senior Task Force.

“In 2022, PJM continued to analyze the needs of the evolving grid with a focus on helping to facilitate the ongoing energy transition reliably and cost-effectively, using our technical expertise, our significant scale and the power of our competitive markets,” PJM President and CEO Manu Asthana said. “Working together strengthened the foundation of the ongoing efforts to ensure a reliable and cost-effective energy transition,” The digital annual report provides a friendly, easy-to-navigate format and is best viewed in Google Chrome.