PJM Board Approves Changes to Regional Transmission Expansion Plan

Improvements in the Dominion, AEP Zones Designed to Enhance Grid Reliability


The PJM Board of Managers on April 22 authorized changes to the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan, or RTEP, to enhance grid reliability. The Board also approved changes in scope and cost of two existing projects.

The RTEP ensures efficient and reliable power supplies for the 65 million people PJM serves in 13 states and Washington, D.C.

The main baseline projects approved by the Board are:

  • In the Dominion transmission zone, split the Chesterfield-Plaza 115 kV line by rebuilding the Brown Boveri tap line as a double-circuit loop, and install a 115 kV breaker at Brown Boveri.
  • Also in the Dominion zone, acquire land, and build a new 230 kV switching station (Stevensburg) with a 224 MVA, 230/115 kV transformer. Connect Gordonsville-Remington 230 kV, Remington-Mt. Run 115 kV and Mt. Run-Oak Green 115 kV to the new Stevensburg substation.
  • In the AEP transmission zone, conduct Niles area improvements, including construction of a double-circuit, 138 kV extension to connect Lakehead to the 138 kV network; construction of a new 138/69 kV drop-down station to feed Lakehead; and a rebuild of Pletcher-Buchanan Hydro 69 kV and Buchanan South 69 kV radial tap.

Details of all approved projects are contained in the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee recommendations to the PJM Board.

Baseline reliability transmission enhancement costs are allocated to PJM load.

Of the $63.85 million in new baseline transmission system enhancements, all but $350,000 are a result of FERC 715 planning criteria projects.

Follow all projects through the process with PJM’s Project Status & Cost Allocation tool.