PJM Board Approves Latest RTEP Updates


The PJM Board of Managers approved the latest updates to PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan, or RTEP, on Oct. 4, 2022.

PJM’s RTEP process helps to ensure the reliability of the power grid for 65 million people. The RTEP updates approve two baseline reliability projects and cancel one earlier approved project for an overall RTEP baseline net increase of approximately $643 million.

Full details (PDF) of the projects are posted on PJM.com.

Baseline Reliability Projects

Baseline reliability projects costing more than $10 million are listed below:

  • To meet growing system needs in the Dominion service area, the Data Center Alley project will:
    • Build two new 500/230 kV substations, Wishing Star and Mars, each with a 500/230 kV 1440 MVA transformer. Brambleton-Mosby 500 kV line No. 546 and 500 kV line No. 590 will be extended to Wishing Star and terminate in a 500 kV breaker and a half configuration.
    • Reconductor portions of seven 230 kV lines, including No. 2214 (Buttermilk-Roundtable), No. 2031 (Enterprise-Greenway-Roundtable), No. 2186 (Enterprise-Shellhorn), No. 2188 (Lockridge-Greenway-Shellhorn), No. 2223 (Lockridge-Roundtable), No. 2218 (Sojourner-Runway-Shellhorn), and No. 9349 (Sojourner-Mars).
    • Upgrade four 500 kV breakers to 63 kA on either end of 500 kV line No. 584 (Loudoun-Mosby circuit No. 1) and four 500 kV breakers to 63 kA on either end of 500 kV line No. 502 (Loudoun-Mosby circuit No. 2).
    • Cut and loop the 230 kV line No. 2079 (Sterling Park-Dranesville) into the Davis Drive substation, and install two GIS 230 kV breakers.
  • In the Duquesne Light service area, a project will install a series reactor on the Cheswick-Springdale 138 kV line, replace four structures and reconductor a portion of the Plum-Springdale 138 kV line, among other improvements, to resolve multiple voltage violations identified after the Cheswick 1 unit deactivation last March.

Project Changes

The PJM Board also approved the cancellation of the project to rebuild approximately 3.6 miles of North Boyertown-West Boyertown 69 kV line No. 875 with associated upgrades to terminal equipment and substation relays in the Met-Ed service area.

RTEP analysis identifies system violations to reliability criteria and standards, determines the potential to improve the market efficiency and operational performance of the system, and incorporates any public policy requirements. PJM then develops transmission system enhancements to be integrated into a regional solution set and reviews them with stakeholders through the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee (TEAC) before submitting its recommendation to the Board. Baseline reliability transmission enhancement costs are allocated to PJM load.

Details of all approved projects are contained in the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee recommendations (PDF) to the PJM Board. Follow all projects through the process with PJM’s Project Status & Cost Allocation page.