PJM Board Authorizes $1B in Transmission Upgrades


On Oct. 18, the PJM Board authorized $1 billion in various electric transmission projects to ensure efficient and reliable power supplies for the 65 million customers PJM serves. The projects include reliability and market efficiency improvements.

“Maintaining the reliability of the grid is paramount and involves continuously reviewing small and large transmission projects across our 13 states and the District of Columbia,” said PJM President and CEO Andy  Ott.

One project will reinforce 69-kilovolt transmission lines to maintain reliable electricity supplies for more than 15,000 customers in Union County, New Jersey. It is estimated to cost $197 million. An additional project involving the construction of a new 69-kV line will serve customers near Camden, New Jersey. It is estimated to cost $98 million.

The PJM Board approved upgrades in areas served by American Electric Power; American Transmission Systems, Inc.; Commonwealth Edison; Dominion; East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc.; Pennsylvania Electric Company; and Public Service Electric & Gas. Many of the individual projects cost less than $5 million.

Since 2000, the PJM Board has approved $32.3 billion in transmission additions and upgrades as part of PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan. For a complete list of today’s approved projects (PDF), visit pjm.com.