PJM Board Authorizes Changes to Regional Transmission Expansion Plan


The PJM Board of Managers has approved changes to the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan, or RTEP, to ensure the reliability of the power grid for the 65 million people PJM serves in 13 states and Washington, D.C.

The changes, approved Dec. 9, include new baseline reliability projects and changes to the scope and cost of existing baseline projects.

The main new baseline projects approved by the Board are:

  • In the Dominion Transmission Zone, replace Dominion’s portion of the Doubs-Goose Creek 500 kV line and install second Lenexa-Northern Neck 230 kV circuit.
  • In the AEP Transmission Zone, install 1.7 miles of 138 kV conductor along the other side of Dragoon Tap 138 kV line, a second 138/34.5 kV transformer and a high-side circuit switcher at Dragoon station, and two circuit breakers on the Dragoon-Jackson and Dragoon-Twin Branch 138 kV lines.

The Board also approved several smaller projects that include the installation of capacitor banks, circuit switchers and circuit breakers, along with replacement of terminal equipment.

Baseline reliability transmission enhancement costs are allocated to PJM load.

Details of all approved projects are contained in the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee recommendations to the PJM Board.

Follow all projects through the process with PJM’s Project Status & Cost Allocation tool.