PJM.com introduces new generation deactivations page


PJM has launched a new page on PJM.com that makes it easier for visitors to find information about generators that have requested to be deactivated.

The new easily-filterable Generation Deactivations page replaces the Generation Deactivation Summary Sheets currently only available as PDF or Excel files. Visitors can filter by state, fuel type, transmission owner zone and reliability analysis status. Visitors can also search by a generating unit’s name.

The page separates information about pending/future deactivations, withdrawn requests and deactivated generators into separate tabs. Units that PJM has requested to stay in service until needed upgrades are completed, called Reliability Must Run units, will be noted with an RMR icon. Reliability Must Run units will also link directly to any studies related to the deactivation request.

PJM.com continues to be enhanced to make it easier to business with PJM. Please share your feedback. Learn more about future updates to PJM.com through the Tech Change Forum.