PJM coordinates with members in preparation for Hurricane Florence

Conservative Operations declared for some transmission zones

PJM is coordinating closely with generation and transmission owners in preparation for Hurricane Florence and its potential impact to the electrical grid.

Given the storm’s approach toward the North Carolina coast, PJM has declared Conservative Operations for Friday and Saturday for the Baltimore Gas & Electric, Dominion Energy, Delmarva Power and Pepco transmission zones.

PJM may call for Conservative Operations when all or part of the PJM footprint has the potential to face or is currently facing adverse impacts from weather, environmental or security events. With the declaration of Conservative Operations, PJM may recall or cancel non-critical maintenance outages, increase generation reserves or make additional requests to transmission and generation owners.

PJM is reviewing planned transmission maintenance and deferring that work where appropriate as well as recalling equipment that may already be out for maintenance.

PJM is prepared with additional control room staff and is coordinating with neighboring grid operators in advance of the storm.