PJM Discusses Resilience Efforts Update at OC


Resilience has become a major area of focus for PJM and the latest update on the grid’s resilience efforts were presented at the July 11 Operating Committee meeting.

Jonathon Monken, senior director – Systems Resilience and Strategic Coordination, described

resilience as preparing for, operating through and quickly recovering from an event beyond PJM’s control, such as extreme weather events and physical or cyberattacks.

Monken listed the resilience focus areas – planning, operations, markets and physical/cyber security, advanced system restoration and public/private partnerships – and noted that any effort on PJM’s part would include collaborative efforts.

The “resilience roadmap” will continue to evolve as PJM and its members identify and complete items and add others. PJM is seeking input from stakeholders as it develops plans in three categories: prepare, operate and recover.

PJM also presented its operational preparations for the August 21 solar eclipse (see separate story).

Glen Boyle, manager – System Operator Training, gave an update on the development of the Primary Frequency Response Senior Task Force, which will have its first meeting on July 25, and encouraged stakeholder input through the task force. The task force will look at the existing state of frequency response and discuss potential compensation issues and performance mechanisms.

PJM also reviewed the proposed Dynamic Schedule Pro Forma Agreement, which will be presented for a vote at the August O.C. meeting. From there, it will go to the Members meeting in October and eventually filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in November.

Phil D’Antonio, manager – Interregional Market Operations, told stakeholders the proposed PJM agreement was modeled after the pseudo-tie pro forma agreement with specific changes for dynamic schedules. The agreement includes a standard set of applicable rules to further enhance transparency. He assured them that the new agreement would not negatively impact existing dynamic schedules.

PJM gave a quick update on the distributed energy resources stakeholder process. The special Market Implementation Committee will begin discussions around the operational coordination between PJM, DER developers, distribution companies and transmission owners. PJM is soliciting participation in that meeting from transmission owners and distribution companies.  The next meeting is August 1.

Registration is now open for the next Data Management Subcommittee-Joint meeting on July 13. The agenda includes phasor-related topics (including data quality, NERC CIP bulletin, oscillation detection, heat maps and simulation training).

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