PJM-EIS and Energy Web Foundation to Test Blockchain Tool for GATS 


PJM Environmental Information Services, Inc. (PJM-EIS) and Energy Web Foundation have announced a year-long collaboration to develop and test a blockchain-based tool for the Generation Attribute Tracking System (GATS) administered by PJM-EIS.

The pilot will test Energy Web Foundation’s Energy Web Origin, which is a toolkit for renewable energy and carbon markets that could potentially simplify and enhance the way in which customers procure renewable energy. The pilot will allow PJM-EIS to investigate the potential benefits of blockchain technology to improve the security, transparency and transaction costs of GATS.

“We are excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Energy Web Foundation and gain experience with a new technology,” said Ken Schuyler, president – PJM-EIS. “Our customers have expressed interest in incorporating blockchain technology into our services, and we look forward to leveraging the technology where it can provide additional benefits.”

PJM-EIS is a wholly owned subsidiary of PJM Connext, itself a subsidiary of PJM Interconnection. GATS is a paid subscription service that creates and tracks a generator-specific electronic certificate for every megawatt-hour of electricity produced by a generator.

Energy Web Foundation’s goal is to demonstrate how large numbers of distributed energy assets can participate in renewable energy certificate markets operating at a price point where it is feasible for even a small rooftop solar installation to participate.

Energy Web Foundation will develop the toolkit in collaboration with PJM-EIS through November 2019. PJM-EIS, Energy Web Foundation and key market participants will coordinate to test the toolkit in real-world settings and collect feedback for improvements. PJM-EIS will advise Energy Web Foundation throughout the pilot to ensure it meets the business, regulatory and technological needs to issue, trade, track, retire and report renewable energy certificates in GATS.