PJM Energizing our Community Through United Way Campaign

By Susan J. Riley, Interim President and CEO

Susan Riley
Susan J. Riley, Interim President and CEO

While our employees at PJM coordinate the flow of power to 65 million people in 13 states, they’re also energizing our local community though this year’s PJM United Way Campaign.

Last week, we kicked off this fundraising and volunteer effort, celebrating nearly a decade of growth in our giving to the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey  – and we set bold new goals.

In metro Philadelphia, the United Way serves 220,000 children living in poverty. Agencies served by the United Way work to build financial stability, help students learn to read, speak up for good public policy (like more pre-kindergarten programs), open career pathways and fight hunger.

Every year, PJM employees are eager to help. Since 2010, PJM’s voluntary annual payroll contributions have surged nearly 27 percent, surpassing our corporate goal to reach total giving of $156,000 in 2018. I know from my own experience serving on the board of a United Way in Connecticut that this organization knows the needs of the community. When we give to the United Way, we are trusting them to make decisions about where our charitable contributions can most efficiently be used.

Last year, 318 PJM employees donated time volunteering for local community organizations, an 80 percent spike from five years prior. Besides time spent by staff helping others off the clock, PJM also helps them show up. We encourage employees to spend one paid day annually serving their nonprofit of choice, or they can join PJM teams for scheduled service events at 20 nonprofits around town. When we build teams by volunteering, we help others and strengthen our PJM community at the same time.

I wholeheartedly support our United Way campaign and I know our PJM board supports this endeavor. We encourage our partners in the energy industry to share in our commitment to the United Way. Learn more about PJM’s commitment to social change in our latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report.