PJM gives TEAC Planning Community update


PJM presented an update to the Planning Community tool at a lengthy Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee meeting Thursday.

PJM implemented the Planning Community in September 2017 as a platform for members to share knowledge, exchange answers and continue the debate from stakeholder meetings.

Since the implementation, PJM has reviewed the practices around the Planning Community. After soliciting feedback from stakeholders, PJM has clarified existing practices and expectations and enhanced the forum’s guidelines.

In January 2018, PJM will ask stakeholders for input around the 2018 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan case build, including assumptions and scenarios.

In the reliability analysis update, PJM presented the final recommendations from the first 2017 RTEP proposal window.

  • An overloaded 345-kV/138-kV transformer project in Duke (Pierce)
  • A 230-kV circuit DPL/PECO project (Edge Moor – Claymont – Linwood)
  • A baseline reliability/operational performance project in Dominion (Clover substation)

In addition, there was a second read of a PSE&G local criteria equipment assessment (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 715 criteria) for the Roseland – Branchburg – Pleasant Valley corridor project. The project will return to the TEAC for a third review.

PJM also reviewed a real-time high voltage operational performance issue in ComEd (Powerton) and presented a first look at several supplemental projects.

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