PJM Issues Hot Weather Alert


PJM has issued a Hot Weather Alert from 6 a.m. to midnight Wednesday, July 17, in the Mid-Atlantic and Dominion regions of its footprint, from New Jersey and Pennsylvania down to North Carolina.

Temperatures are expected to exceed 90 degrees amid high humidity, which drives up the demand for electricity.

PJM expects electricity use to peak that day at about 147,135 megawatts.

PJM has committed capacity of 183,454 MW available to meet customer demand. One megawatt can power about 800 homes.

Last summer’s peak demand was 150,830 MW, which occurred Aug. 28. PJM’s all-time highest power use was 165,563 MW in the summer of 2006.

What Is a Hot Weather Alert?

A Hot Weather Alert helps PJM and its utility partners coordinate the flow of energy and avoid capacity problems on the grid.

It prepares transmission and generation personnel and facilities for extreme heat and/or humidity that may cause capacity problems on the grid. PJM works with transmission and generation operators to determine whether they can defer or cancel any maintenance or testing on their facilities.

The PJM Mid-Atlantic region consists of the service territories of the following transmission owners: Atlantic City Electric, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, Delmarva Power, Jersey Central Power & Light Co., Metropolitan Edison Co., PECO, Pennsylvania Electric Co., Pepco, PPL Electric Utilities, Public Service Electric and Gas Co., Rockland Electric Company and UGI Utilities.

The PJM southern region consists of Dominion Virginia Power’s service territory.

How PJM Ensures Reliable Electricity in Hot Weather

PJM meets electricity needs by procuring enough resources to satisfy peak demand, plus required reserves, at the lowest cost through its competitive markets. PJM works with its members to ensure that power flows where it is needed and holds resources, such as generating plants, to strict standards to deliver electricity as promised.

PJM also has resources on reserve to cover generation that is unexpectedly unavailable or demand that is higher than forecasted.

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