PJM Issues Update on Grid Conditions


PJM has issued two alerts for July 27 amid the heat wave across the country. The first, a Maximum Generation Alert/Load Management Alert, is an early notification that system conditions might require the use of PJM emergency procedures.

The second alert, an EEA-1, is a North American Electric Reliability Corporation alert that is generally issued with the PJM Maximum Generation Alert, and means that all generating resources are online or have been scheduled.

PJM has issued this series of alerts to help prepare generators for the onset of intense heat, acting conservatively in light of recent extreme weather events that have occurred within the region and across the country.

On July 26, PJM served a preliminary peak load of approximately 138,000 MW. PJM is currently forecasting a peak of around 153,000 MW for July 27 and 154,000 MW for July 28.

Last year’s peak demand was approximately 149,000 MW.


A dedicated team of operators uses sophisticated technology to balance supply and demand and direct the power grid 24/7 from PJM’s control rooms. They prepare multiple potential scenarios that could be impacted by weather, emergency conditions or equipment failure. They adjust resource output with changes in demand and ensure that no transmission lines or facilities are overloaded. The team also watches for unusual conditions and reacts to them to protect the electricity supply. Read more about how PJM forecasts electricity demand on the PJM Learning Center.