PJM Launches Public Tool To Assess Potential Impacts of New Generation on the Grid


PJM has launched a new public tool that can be used to evaluate the potential impacts of new generation on the grid.

Queue Scope, which is part of PJM’s Planning Center tool, allows prospective generation developers or other users to assess the location of future generators before they formally enter PJM’s interconnection queue. Using PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan and interconnection queue studies, the tool analyzes the impacts on the PJM system based on the amount of megawatts that would be added to the system at a chosen point of interconnection.

Queue Scope is designed to allow developers to better assess the viability of their potential projects before entering PJM’s interconnection process. The public version of Queue Scope can also be accessed without a PJM.com account, allowing any user to see the potential impacts of adding generation to the system.

The initial launch of Queue Scope is limited to a tabular format. However, PJM plans to launch a version of the tool that utilizes the PJM system map in 2023.

Screenshots of the Queue Scope tool