PJM Launches Rebuilt and Redesigned Data Viewer Tool


PJM has launched a rebuilt and redesigned Data Viewer that allows for a better, mobile-friendly visualization of PJM’s public data.

The previous version of Data Viewer and related Data Snapshot tools will be retired June 1.

The new Data Viewer, currently hosted at dataviewer2.pjm.com, has been entirely rebuilt and redesigned to provide a better visualization of PJM’s public data, including load, locational marginal prices and energy flowing across ties and interfaces throughout PJM. The new Data Viewer is mobile friendly and will also provide more customized views that can be saved using a PJM.com account. In addition, the new Data Viewer provides better data consistency across PJM’s public tools, including Data Miner.

Both versions of Data Viewer will be available until June 1. At that time, the new Data Viewer will be available at dataviewer.pjm.com.