PJM Launches Redesigned Website Homepage


PJM has launched a redesigned homepage for pjm.com, which highlights dynamic content where visitors can see current grid conditions and the latest news from PJM.

The new homepage reorganizes and reprioritizes content to focus on more real-time information and continues to improve its mobile-friendly design. PJM collaborated with members and stakeholders to identify ways for visitors to more easily interact with PJM and get more value from the page.

The new page lets visitors see the latest news from PJM through Inside Lines and announcements, as well as follow an expanded set of real-time grid conditions. It also adds a section for filings and orders, streamlines meeting and training information and includes a reorganized and expanded footer with quick links, data shortcuts and contact information.

The PJM website continues to be enhanced to make it easier to do business with PJM. Please share your feedback. Learn more about future updates to pjm.com through the Tech Change Forum and Upcoming Changes.