PJM Looks at Reliability Window, Dominion Projects at TEAC


PJM presented the 2018 reliability proposal window update on Thursday at the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee (TEAC) meeting.

An overview of the 2023 analysis of reliability criteria violations was presented. Of a total of 160 flowgates identified as having violations:

  • Included were three were included in the competitive proposal window:
    • One in the West region
    • Two in the South region
  • There were 157 flowgates excluded from the competitive proposal window:
    • There were 126 excluded due to immediate need (includes those related to retiring generators)
    • There were 26 excluded as they are below 200 kilovolts
    • Five excluded as they are substation equipment

The proposal window opened on July 2 and closed on August 31. PJM received seven proposals from two entities addressing two target zones. All seven proposals were transmission owner upgrades with no greenfield (new build) projects.

For the 2018 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP), PJM will continue its review of required baseline reinforcements and analyze both potential scenarios and extreme contingency scenarios.

In addition to the Transource (9A) project reevaluation results, PJM presented updated market efficiency assumptions, market efficiency base case updates and the long-term window registration process. PJM will incorporate stakeholder feedback from Thursday’s meeting and present final assumptions at the October TEAC.

PJM will continue to identify congestion drivers, with plans to post the final base case, target congestion drivers and sensitivities in October.

PJM will conduct market efficiency training on Oct. 16. The half-day training course is designed to educate participants on the market efficiency aspects of PJM’s RTEP process.

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