PJM making governing documents more user-friendly


PJM discussed an initiative to improve the user-friendliness of PJM governing documents at the Members Committee Webinar Monday.

PJM is creating web-based versions of the documents, which will incorporate pop-up definitions and cross-reference links within each document.

In addition, the changes will fix inconsistencies in agreement/section references and modify existing governing agreement language to conform to standard naming conventions.

Tom Zadlo, manager – Data Management, updated stakeholders on Data Miner 2 and discussed pjm.com data file retirements.

Zadlo said, to help with the full transition to Data Miner 2, PJM wants to hold a “mock shutdown” of other legacy data sources sometime in early May. This would involve taking flat-file data offline for a day or two to allow stakeholders to determine where changes need to be made to their systems.

Stakeholders can send Zadlo their suggestions on the drill at dataminer2support@pjm.com.

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