PJM Prepares for Extreme Heat Ahead


With temperatures across the PJM region expected to reach the mid-to-upper 90-degree range over the next 10 days, PJM is prepared to serve consumers reliably and meet electricity demand during the stretch of hot weather.

In advance of the increased temperatures, PJM issued a Hot Weather Alert for its Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions starting on June 13 and later extended it to cover June 14. This morning, PJM extended both the area and time frame for the alert. It now includes the entire PJM region and remains in effect from Monday, June 17, through Friday, June 21. It may be extended based on updated weather forecasts. A Hot Weather Alert is a routine procedure PJM issues ahead of forecasted 90-degree weather and/or high humidity in order to prepare transmission and generation operators and facilities for expected increases in electricity demand.

During the hot weather, PJM will continuously monitor grid conditions and will be in ongoing coordination with its transmission and generation owners, along with its neighboring grid operators, to react to any changing conditions in real time.

“PJM has the generation capacity and transmission capability to meet the expected demand on the system during the heat wave, but extended periods of extreme heat does have the potential to stress the electric system and cause reliability challenges,” said Kevin Hatch, PJM’s Sr. Manager – Dispatch. “We want to be sure to communicate clearly both before and during any extreme weather and the unlikely potential of stressed grid conditions.” PJM is committed to providing any necessary updates as conditions warrant.

For more information on how PJM manages the electric grid and for background on PJM’s emergency procedures and messages, please refer to the fact sheets below.

What Happens in the Control Room (PDF)
PJM Emergency Procedures and Messages (PDF)