PJM presents recommended projects at special TEAC 


PJM reviewed project recommendations with the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee on Nov. 2, in advance of presenting them to the PJM Board in December. The board will consider the projects for inclusion in the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan.

Market Efficiency

PJM is recommending one market efficiency project, which was proposed in the 2016–2017 Long Term Proposal 1A addendum window. The 1A window solicited proposals to address the Tanners Creek-Dearborn 345-kilovolt thermal constraint.

The project calls for upgrades to the Tanners Creek 345kV station. The project is expected to cost $0.6 million and is targeted to be in-service on June 1, 2021.

Reliability Projects

The committee also reviewed the results of 2017 RTEP Proposal Window 1. PJM presented preliminary results at the previous October TEAC meeting.

In addition, PJM provided information on reliability projects (see appendix) that will be recommended to the board in December.

The recommendations total an estimated $318 million and include 10 projects in the Mid-Atlantic zone, and two in the Midwest. Three of the projects meet immediate need criteria; two of those are in PSEG and will alleviate reliability issues in densely populated areas of northern New Jersey.

Two Midwest projects are baseline reliability projects – a new 138kV circuit and breaker project in the ComEd zone and a rebuilding of a 161 kV line to alleviate summer and winter peak condition overloads in AEP.