PJM Presents RTEP Updates at TEAC


PJM Planning staff on Thursday gave the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee an update on the progress of the 2017 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan, as well as an update on the status of the new Planning Community tool.

PJM anticipates opening a 45-day proposal window opening this week (anticipated close on Aug. 25).

Overview of 2022 Results:

  • PJM identified a total of 204 flowgates
    • 43 to be included in the window
    • 34 in Western Region
    • 6 in the Southern Region
    • 3 in the Mid-Atlantic Region
    • 161 flowgates excluded (either immediate-need projects or under 200 kilovolts)

Per the PJM Operating Agreement, PJM excluded projects under 200 kilovolts. In almost every case, the solution for those projects is an upgrade, which would be performed by the incumbent transmission owner (and, therefore, should not go through a window).

PJM plans to update the TEAC about the progress of the evaluation effort at the August, September and October TEAC meetings and anticipates presenting projects to the PJM Board for approval in October and December.

As part of the reliability update, PJM also directed stakeholders to the updated information on the “Alternative Approaches to Identification of Artificial Island Project Beneficiaries,” which is posted on the TEAC page on pjm.com.

PJM reviewed market efficiency evaluations, including several joint projects with MISO. PJM will present the updates of the interregional and Reliability Pricing Model projects at the August TEAC. PP&L projects will be analyzed next and followed by BGE projects. Any high-value, low-risk projects could be analyzed in parallel with other projects.

In the generation deactivation update, PJM noted that it has completed the reliability analysis for Three Mile Island Unit 1 and did not identify any reliability issues.

PJM provided an interregional planning update on the joint PJM-MISO proposals from the window that closed in February. There are eight proposals for three flowgates; of those, five are greenfield projects.

PJM also previewed a September industry modeling workshop, which will examine the current modeling scope and activities, needs and improvement ideas.

PJM Seeking Beta Testers for Planning Community Tool

PJM is looking for beta testers for the new Planning Community tool, which will roll out in the third quarter.

The tool has both internal and external components; the external public forum is designed to improve communication and increase transparency. Users will be able to use tags to find information and articles with detailed information on key topics.

External testing will begin shortly and PJM needs beta testers to look at demonstration recording and to create an external user guide creation. For questions and feedback (and to volunteer to be a beta tester), send an email to RTEP@pjm.com.