PJM Presents Updates to TEAC


PJM presented a series of updates to the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee on Thursday, including projects it intends present to the board for approval in July.

In its reliability analysis, PJM said that it intends to present all recommended baseline solutions listed in the TEAC presentation to the board and recommend them for inclusion in the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan.

In its presentation to the board, PJM will also include a discussion of a previously approved transmission line and phase angle regulator project in the Dominion transmission zone.

The approved project scope includes a new underground 230 kilovolt line and rebuild of the Glebe Substation, as well as construction of a 230 kV bus and a phase angle regulator, both at PEPCO’s Station C (page 9-14). The required in-service date for the project is June 1, 2020.

The project had been approved previously ($166 million). However, costs increased because of complications in original siting (including National Park Services areas). Easement costs exceeded preliminary estimates and underground construction methodology (micro tunneling) resulted in a higher per-foot-cost versus open trenching.

In the market efficiency update, PJM said it is currently updating information on each of the 96 projects received – including load forecast, fuel and emissions forecasts, generation expansion and network topology. PJM hopes to post all of the information next week.

After that, PJM will analyze reliability and constructability of proposed solutions.

The analysis will include an independent consultant to review cost and the ability to build. Because PJM needs to coordinate projects with MISO, interregional projects (pages 12 through 20) will be analyzed first.

PJM said reliability analysis is now underway for two generation deactivations, a small landfill unit in PEPCO and the retirement of Three Mile Island.