PJM Publishes Addendum to Initial Renewable Energy Transition Study Results


PJM has published an addendum to its “Energy Transition in PJM: Framework for Analysis” paper to provide supporting information and context for the assumptions used in the first phase of the study’s analysis.

The addendum (PDF) was developed in response to stakeholder questions and feedback to the initial results (PDF) of PJM’s multiphase, multiyear effort to study the potential impacts of an evolving resource mix, including the accelerating integration of renewable resources.

The paper and ongoing study efforts reflect PJM’s five-year strategy, which is built on three pillars – enabling state and federal decarbonization policies, planning for the grid of the future, and fostering innovation.

This “living study” will help PJM identify gaps and opportunities in the current market construct and provide insights into the future of market design, transmission planning and reliable system operations.

Read more about the initial results of PJM’s renewable energy transition study efforts, which were published Dec. 15, 2021.