PJM Publishes Updated Brochure Explaining PJM’s RTEP Process

New Brochure Highlights PJM’s Efforts To Meet Future Grid Needs


PJM has published a refreshed brochure that explains PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP) process and PJM’s efforts to meet future grid needs.

The brochure, Regional Transmission Expansion Planning: Meeting the Grid’s Future Needs, is designed to help facilitate the discussions PJM is having with states on such questions as:

  • How does PJM optimize infrastructure investment in the states it serves?
  • How are transmission and interconnection planning enabling state public policy?
  • How does regional planning benefit consumers?

PJM’s RTEP process identifies transmission system additions and improvements needed for reliable grid operations now and in the future for the 65 million people in the PJM footprint.