PJM Releases 2021 Impact Report


PJM has released its annual impact report, which highlights the organization’s efforts to support employee and stakeholder well-being; promote a world of belonging through PJM’s ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts; and protect the planet PJM and its employees share.

“At PJM, we strive to go beyond our critical mission by making a difference in our communities and working together to grow the positive impact we have as an organization,” said PJM President and CEO Manu Asthana.

The PJM 2021 Impact Report (PDF) reflects the many ways PJM and its employees care for each other, their neighbors, and the places they live and work.

From sustainability actions to enhance the PJM campus experience – from recycling, waste reduction and sanitation – to campus programs that promote wellness, an inclusive culture and more, PJM’s efforts in 2021 build on a culture of caring. “At PJM, we strive to create a welcoming environment that respects and supports the diverse, human needs of our employees and stakeholders,” said Nora Swimm, PJM Sr. Vice President – Corporate Client Services. “The 2021 Impact Report reflects our core values of integrity, communication, accountability, respect and excellence.”