PJM, stakeholders discuss Operations resilience 


PJM provided stakeholders a further introduction to system operation resilience efforts Tuesday afternoon, with a special session of the Operating Committee that focused on gas pipeline contingencies.

Dave Souder, director – Operations Planning, led the discussion, which covered the approach to analyze the impact of natural gas infrastructure failures and/or physical/cyber events on the PJM bulk electric system.

PJM’s aim is to create operating procedures to evaluate gas infrastructure redundancy and strengthen PJM’s operating position to mitigate the impact of credible gas contingencies. Staff used decision flow diagrams to explain the new processes to stakeholders.  In addition, PJM reviewed the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s guidelines for gas and electrical operational coordination.

PJM presented the preliminary flow charts for both infrastructure failure and  physical/cyber threats and solicited feedback on the drafted language for Manual 13: Emergency Operations  and Manual 3: Transmission Operations , which were presented at the morning regular Operations Committee meeting.

Monthly Operating Committee Meeting

 In addition to the gas pipeline contingency resilience effort, PJM Operations staff covered resilience efforts in the regular monthly Operating Committee meeting.

Glen Boyle, manager – System Operator Training, discussed the work of the Primary Frequency Response Senior Task Force. Primary frequency response is the first line of defense, critical for reliability of the Interconnection and system restoration.

Vince Stefanowicz, senior lead engineer – Generation, reviewed the five-year RTO-wide black start request-for-proposal process. This included a review of proposed changes to Manual 14D: Generator Operational Requirements, which clarify the prioritization of black start reliability and resilience characteristics.

PJM presented a review of winter preparations for 2017/2018, touching on the Operations Assessment Task Force 2017/2018 Winter Study Review and 2017/2018 Winter Preparations Review.

 In its only endorsement, the committee approved the 2018 day-ahead scheduling reserve requirement.

PJM provided a review for the NERC’s Disturbance Control Standard and its impact on PJM Manuals, as well as two capacity performance updates (unit-specific parameters and

performance assessment interval communications).

Associated General Counsel Jacqui Hugee and Ed Kovler of Business Solutions presented a proposal to provide all transmission owners with access to the Dispatch Interactive Mapping Application and related modifications to the Operating Agreement and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Other committee business included monthly operational reviews, several first reads for proposed manual changes and subcommittee and task force updates.