PJM Telecom Experts Receive EPRI Power Delivery & Utilization Technology Transfer Award


The Electric Power Research Institute has awarded a 2020 Power Delivery & Utilization Technology Transfer Award to John Ippolito, Manager – Network Infrastructure, and Paul Bickel, Senior Telecommunications Analyst II – Telecom Infrastructure.

Ippolito and Bickel were recognized for their contributions to the Resilient Communication Demonstration Project, which was designed to test the limits of communication capabilities in emergency situations that could disrupt the normal functioning of critical infrastructures across a large region. The results of this project will be used to develop recommendations for long-term solutions in resilient emergency communications systems and strategies. The goal is to establish flexible emergency communications to accommodate the varying requirements for restoration and recovery of the bulk electric system in the event of a widespread grid outage.

The annual EPRI Technology Transfer Awards recognize the leaders and innovators who have applied EPRI research to produce significant results. EPRI provides thought leadership, industry expertise and collaborative value to help the electricity sector identify issues, technology gaps and broader needs that can be addressed through effective research and development programs for the benefit of society.

PJM congratulates Ippolito and Bickel on this recognition, and looks forward to future opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders to keep the power flowing reliably for 65 million people in the 13 states and District of Columbia that PJM serves.