PJM Testifies Before Congressional Energy Committee


Craig Glazer, vice president – Federal Government Policy told a congressional committee on Wednesday morning that PJM believes market-based solutions, rather than policymakers picking winners and losers, remains the best way to address current industry challenges.

Glazer testified before the United State House of Representatives at the Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy. He joined officials from the nation’s other grid operators on the panel, “Powering America: A Review of the Operation and Effectiveness of the Nation’s Wholesale Electricity Markets.”

The hearing topics included: grid reliability, fuel diversity, transmission system planning and integrating state policies into organized electricity markets. Today’s hearing was the second of two.  The first, on July 18, consisted of seven industry representatives.

Glazer told the committee that, consistent with its proactive philosophy, PJM is “seizing the moment” to propose various initiatives to address these issues including:

  • operating and planning the system to enhance the resilience of the grid
  • proposing at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reforms to its price formation rules so as to better recognize the attributes that key generators (including baseload generation) bring to the grid
  • working with stakeholders on proactive rule changes that would ensure that the market accommodates state policies while remaining competitive.

He added that PJM and its markets have been recognized by the investment community for how the market structure strongly supports investment in new generation, the upgrading of existing generation and the deployment of new innovative technologies.