PJM to Ohio Legislature: Reliability Is Top Priority

PJM Maintains Reliability During Extreme Weather and Evolving Grid


Asim Z. Haque, PJM Vice President – State and Member Services, testified March 23 before Ohio legislators about PJM’s paramount mission to maintain reliability at all times.

Haque’s testimony Tuesday before the Ohio Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee and the Ohio House Public Utilities Committee provided an overview of PJM core business functions and the necessity of these functions working in tandem to maintain reliability during extreme circumstances and as PJM looks to an evolving grid.

“As a large, interconnected grid, we ensure reliability through our markets, operations and regional transmission planning and through the significant efforts of our member companies,” Haque stated.

Amidst challenges of extreme weather and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Haque emphasized the criticality of maintaining reliability at least total cost, while simultaneously eyeing an impending grid evolution driven widely by state policy.

“PJM is committed to accommodating state policy choices, and as we progress toward the Grid of the Future together, we must do so with reliability at the core of our common purpose, and with careful consideration of the costs customers will be asked to pay,” he added.

Going forward, Haque said, communication and coordination with policymakers remain essential to crafting durable solutions to necessary, workable goals. With this continuing approach, consumers stand to attain continued benefit from PJM’s regional scale and the ongoing efficient operation of our grid.