PJM to Release Fuel Security Study on Nov. 1


On Nov. 1, PJM will announce the results of its fuel security analysis, part of its ongoing initiative to maintain a resilient electric grid.

PJM undertook the study earlier this year to determine whether dependence on any one type of fuel delivery system in the generation of electricity would pose any long-term risks to the resilience of the grid.

PJM sought stakeholder feedback, including from federal and state agencies, regarding the scope, assumptions and methodology of this analysis.

Fuel security refers to risks in the fuel supply and delivery systems to critical generators; it is a vital component of grid resilience. Fuel security is the ability of the system’s supply portfolio to continue serving electricity demand through disruptive events that could impact fuel delivery systems or the availability of generation over extended periods of time.

As part of PJM’s ongoing efforts to ensure and enhance grid resilience now and into the future, PJM believes it is important to test the limits of the system and probe for possible vulnerabilities.

Keeping electricity available whenever and wherever it is needed is PJM’s central mission. In order to do that, the fuel that electrifies the power grid must also be available whenever and wherever it is needed.

The fuel security study stems from the March 2017 report, PJM’s Evolving Resource Mix and System Reliability, which analyzed how the combination of public policies, lower fuel prices, generating plant deactivations and technology improvements has altered the traditional mix of resources serving customers. That report concluded that the PJM system can remain reliable with the addition of more natural gas and renewable resources, but that heavy reliance on any one resource type raises legitimate questions about electric system resilience.

The fuel security study addresses those questions.

The results of the analysis will also be discussed at a special session of PJM’s Markets and Reliability Committee on Nov. 1. In addition, President and CEO Andy Ott and Mike Bryson, vice president – Operations, will announce the results at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C.