PJM Updates Email Subscription System; PJM Tools Email Lists to Be Removed From My Email Lists Page


PJM has updated its email subscription system to make sure email communications from PJM have a consistent look and feel and can be read easily on desktop and mobile devices.

PJM has migrated its subscription service to a new tool that integrates with PJM’s customer relationship management software and enables PJM to more effectively communicate with email subscribers.

Along with the upgrade, the PJM Tools email lists will be removed from the My Email Lists page. Those who have access to PJM Tools will automatically be added to the communication lists for the tools to which they have access. Those who would like to receive communications about all PJM Tools should subscribe to the Technical Notifications list on the My Email Lists page.

Because all emails going forward will come from a new service, be sure to check your spam filters and folders to make sure you still receive email messages from @lists.pjm.com. We ask that stakeholders provide the IP address,, to their IT support team. The IT support team will be required to whitelist this IP address at each organization to ensure communications from PJM continue to be received.

Full details can be found in the November Tech Change Forum meeting materials.