PJM Updates TEAC on Competitive Transmission Project Windows


PJM Planning staff presented updates on the anticipated Aug. 25 closing of 2017 proposal window number one as part of its reliability analysis at the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee meeting on Aug. 10.

For the 2022 results, PJM identified 190 flowgates, however 41 will be included in the window.. There were 149 flowgates excluded because they either are considered immediate need projects or are less than 200 kilovolts.

Mark Sims, manager – Transmission Planning, explained that PJM anticipates studying projects and finding solutions would happen quickly, as PJM moves toward bringing projects to the PJM Board of Managers for approval. At the September TEAC, PJM expects to bring potential solutions to the immediate needs projects and projects that were excluded from this window.

To that end, Sims noted, there will be two meetings of each Subregional Regional Transmission Expansion Plan committees before the September TEAC meeting.

PJM also reviewed the Market Efficiency base case mid-cycle update projects and their schedule:

  • PJM has completed analysis on Reliability Pricing Model projects
  • Interregional projects analysis is 90 percent completed
  • PPL projects analysis is in progress
  • BGE projects will be analyzed after PPL
  • Any high-value, low-risk projects may be analyzed in parallel with the above projects
  • All other regional projects will be analyzed last

PJM plans to present approved projects at October board meeting. The target for PGE and other recommended projects is the February 2018 board meeting.

PJM also presented a brief interregional update from the July TEAC. There was no generation deactivation update.