Project Status & Cost Allocation Page Updated on


PJM has enhanced the user experience on’s Project Status & Cost Allocation page by integrating Immediate-Need projects with other project types in a unified view, introducing a toggle feature for customized filtering and expanding project details.

Key Update Features:

  • Immediate-Need projects, previously displayed on a separate page, will now be included with other project types.
  • A new filter toggle feature allows users to select whether to display Immediate-Need projects.
  • Expanded project details, accessible via the project number hyperlink, will offer enriched information including Project Type, Related Projects and Materials and additional pertinent details.

This update is part of PJM’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the accessibility and transparency of project information for its staff and stakeholders. By consolidating project types and expanding available details, PJM aims to facilitate better understanding and ease of access to crucial project data, reinforcing its dedication to operational excellence and stakeholder engagement.