Providing value to our members is our constant quest


By Denise Foster – vice president, State and Member Services

This year marks our 90th anniversary as an organization that began as a power pool when two Pennsylvania utilities and one New Jersey utility came together to share generation resources for the benefit of their customers. Over time, PJM continued to grow. As a result, today, PJM encompasses a region that spans all or parts of 13 states and the District of Columbia including over 65 million people. We have nearly 1,000 members representing five different sectors of the industry.

We continuously seek to provide value for our members; we work with and for our members to ensure the services we provide meet their needs reliably and at the least cost. Members play an integral role in shaping how PJM operates – both through their engagement in the stakeholder process and by providing feedback through various channels, such as surveys or discussions during visits. In fact, last year PJM implemented several improvements  to address member feedback from the last Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey, administered in 2015. Some feedback spurred the creation of new processes and forums, such as the Tech Change Forum, which coordinates and shares information related to the implementation of new technologies.

Additionally, we continuously seek to expand the ways members can communicate with us – to provide feedback, ask questions and even to improve business processes. Last year, we established the Member Community, an online portal aimed at streamlining interactions with PJM around specific areas of business. We encourage members to use the Member Community. Throughout last year, the Member Community was enhanced so members could initiate processes such as generation transfer and demand-bid-limit-increase requests directly through the portal.

Later this year, the Member Community will include additional information-sharing communities for the planning process and the Tech Change Forum. These communities will allow an on-line opportunity for members to engage with PJM in addition to in-person meetings.

This August, members will see how their feedback influenced both the Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey and how it is administered. Following the 2015 survey, PJM talked with stakeholders to better understand the survey feedback and translate it into items on which PJM could act.  During those discussions, members shared concerns over the length of the survey and the time it takes to participate. More information on the new, revamped survey will be shared in the coming months.

Improving the way we do business and serve our members will be an ongoing quest. Getting feedback from our members through various channels – and acting on it – is the way we will improve our business.

Although in the past 90 years, the industry, technology and ways we use electricity have changed, our continued focus on providing value for our members hasn’t.