Stakeholder Process Enhancement To Be Examined


PJM plans to initiate a discussion at the June 21 Members Committee meeting about how to better prioritize issues examined in the stakeholder process and to streamline their consideration, Dave Anders, director – Stakeholder Affairs, said at the MC Webinar on Monday.

“We’ve been receiving a number of comments from stakeholders about the number of issues being undertaken and the toll that it takes,” Anders said. “We have met with the PJM executive team to look at all the issues in the stakeholder process and see if we can suggest a way that we could stage or space out the meetings or do something to alleviate that burden.”

PJM staff is putting together a suggestion for members’ consideration and will introduce the topic during the vice chair’s report with the expectation that discussion will continue at the July Members Committee meeting.

Stakeholders have raised another issue that centers on the challenge of reaching consensus on problem statements. A group of members is looking at alternatives to approaching the process. For example, Anders said, it may be most important to garner consensus on the “what are we going to do about it” piece – the issue charge with its deliverables, timeline and other expectations.

In July, this study group is expected to return to the Stakeholder Process Forum with any necessary proposed manual revisions, ultimately for approval by the Members Committee. Anders also is working with the Members Committee chair and vice chair to set up a “super forum” on the afternoon of July 25, the day before the next meeting of the Markets and Reliability and Members committees, to begin the process of identifying and addressing potential enhancements to the stakeholder process.

Other Updates

Phil D’Antonio, manager – Interregional Market Operations, announced a milestone for Congestion Management Process members: They have agreed on a collaborative solution to update firm rights on flowgates based on pre-market firm flows. In addition to PJM, members are MISO, SPP, TVA, Manitoba Hydro and LGE/KU.

Phase 1 changes were implemented on June 14. CMP members are targeting Sept. 30 for the Phase 2 solution, which would be effective June 1, 2019.

Colin Brisson, manager – Enterprise Information Security, presented an overview of PJM security initiatives. PJM will be implementing a two-step verification process regarding the single sign-on tools in October, with training set to begin Aug. 15.

Jennifer Freeman, senior economist – Advanced Analytics, shared the markets report, which showed that energy use in May was above average, matching the above-average temperatures of the month.

May also saw higher locational marginal prices – $38, compared with $32 last year. Excepting the winter’s cold snap, she said, the prices were the highest of the past 25 months.

Uplift also was higher than usual, corresponding with the hot weather at the end of the month. Uplift exceeded $800,000 on 13 days: May 17 and May 20–31.

Contributing factors included localized reliability concerns, higher load levels throughout the month, outages in PJM eastern areas and reactive charges associated with area high voltage.

Joe Bowring of Monitoring Analytics presented the Market Monitor Report, in part reminding members of the importance of being able to back up their variable operations and maintenance costs (VOM). All costs in cost-based offers must be supported, he said, regardless of approval by PJM.

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