Stakeholder Sessions to Discuss MOPR Order in Advance of Compliance Filing


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Dec. 19 order on PJM’s capacity market and the Minimum Offer Price Rule will be discussed at a series of meetings in advance of PJM’s compliance filing, which is due March 18.

Special sessions of the Market Implementation Committee are scheduled for Jan. 28 and Feb. 19, with time also reserved for discussion at the regular MIC on Feb. 5.

In addition, the Demand Response Subcommittee, at its Feb. 3 meeting, will take up the specific impact of the order on demand response resources.

PJM on Jan. 21 submitted a request for rehearing in the FERC capacity docket. In its filing, PJM is asking the Commission to reconsider elements of its Dec. 19 order, while also seeking clarification on specific aspects of the order to allow PJM to proceed with its next capacity auction.

PJM is asking the Commission to provide greater flexibility for PJM to accommodate state energy policies and integrated utility decisions, while maintaining the integrity of the PJM capacity market.

In the interest of market certainty, PJM plans to proceed with preparations for the next auction, for 2022/2023, once FERC approves PJM’s compliance filing.

PJM asks the Commission to rule expeditiously on these matters, so that the delayed 2022/2023 service year auction, originally scheduled for May 2019, can proceed.

PJM requests that FERC expressly encourage PJM and its stakeholders to work on long-term proposals that preserve the balance between federal and state interests and do not compromise the integrity of the capacity market.