Stakeholder Survey, Order 841 lead MC Webinar 


PJM’s classification of electric storage resources, along with refinements in response to the 2017 Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey, were at the heart of the Members Committee Webinar on April 16.

Laura Walter, lead market strategist – Emerging Markets, reviewed the stakeholder process for development of PJM’s response to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Order 841 on electric storage participation in regional transmission organization markets.

FERC defines an electric storage resource as “a resource capable of receiving electric energy from the grid and storing it for later injection of electric energy back to the grid.” That resource can be connected at the transmission or distribution level, or behind a customer meter.

PJM has electric storage resources at both the transmission and distribution levels but none behind a meter that inject. Those resources exclude demand response for PJM but include pumped hydro, Walter said.

PJM will have special sessions of the Market Implementation Committee to look at how possible rule changes will be worked through the stakeholder process. The meetings are set for May 10, June 14, June 27, Aug. 3 and Sept. 14; all meetings are 1–4 p.m.

Janell Fabiano, senior stakeholder specialist, discussed the planned enhancements PJM will implement as a result of the 2017 Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey. The enhancements fall into four focus areas: PJM tools, stakeholder process, communication and customer service.

Stakeholders liked the quality of PJM’s customer service and website improvements, such as the revamping of the Planning page on and the Tech Change Forum. While members said the stakeholder process is well-run, they felt there are too many stakeholder meetings – a concern PJM has been grappling with in stakeholder discussions.

Fabiano said she will continue to share all updates to all action plan items quarterly at the MC Webinar. In addition, PJM will capture process improvement action plan items in the Bright Ideas tool in the Tech Change Community.

Suzanne Coyne, senior lead – Knowledge Management Center, presented PJM’s plans for the new Membership Management Community, specifically the Contact Management feature.

PJM will shortly roll out the first feature, My Membership, for companies applying for PJM membership, with Contact Management scheduled for late June.

My Membership is a new, easy-to-use online membership enrollment process. Contact Management is a “one-stop shop” for members to maintain member-level contact information for certain roles identified by PJM.

Dave Anders, director – Stakeholder Affairs, summarized the discussion from the morning’s Stakeholder Process Forum, including voting protocols at standing committee and nonbinding poll questions. Anders said stakeholders will continue discussions.

PJM also reviewed two topics that will be presented at the April 19 Markets & Reliability Committee meeting – proposed revisions to Manual 11: Energy & Ancillary Services Market Operations, and reworking a provision of the Operating Agreement regarding sharing confidential member information with reliability entities.

Stakeholders will vote on the changes to Manual 11, which correct certain provisions regarding priced-based offers and return the original “price-based” language. The confidentiality provisions will have a first read.

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