Stakeholders examine possible DER solutions


Stakeholders spent much of the Nov. 6 meeting of the special Market Implementation Committee on Distributed Energy Resources looking at how PJM and electric distribution companies would handle the interconnection of resources.

The group conducted an extended review of proposals for the design component of the interconnection process and the market participation approval process for wholesale DER, including a revised stakeholder interconnection proposal.

Stakeholders scrutinized proposed and revised component options matrix, including the details of the solution options presented in early October. The discussion touched on scale, aggregation, DER-specific market rules, and how PJM and EDC information would be captured, coordinated and shared.

Scott Baker, senior business solution analyst – Applied Solutions, who serves as chair, reminded stakeholders that they can propose more component options to the matrix but need to do so by the next meeting on Nov. 17.

Much of the conversation centered on jurisdictional issues related to interconnection, how EDC timelines would fit into the PJM process and solution options for resources both behind the customer meter and in front of the meter.

Going forward, Baker said, the committee will continue to examine the solutions in the matrix and begin to move individual solution options into packaged proposals. The committee will also begin coordinating with the Planning Committee once everyone has clarity on the various interconnection issues.

In addition, Baker will discuss the group’s charter to become a subcommittee at the regular MIC meeting on Nov. 8 and the regular November Markets & Reliability Committee meeting on Dec. 7. (Note: The Dec. 7 MRC is for November’s agenda; the MRC for the December agenda will be held on Dec. 21.)